(HBO5) Informatics - Programmer

IT professionals are indispensable in the business world. They excel in the development of websites, software and know all about servers, work stations, network devices and cabling. Dou you want to support companies and organisations in their technological challenges? Do you have a healthy interest in informatics?
Computer wizards with an analytical mind and interest in the newest technologies are at the right address here!

Howest-IVO offers the HBO5 training Informatics with two graduation majors.

  • Do your interests lie in the field of analysing problems and programming innovative software or website applications? Then, the major ‘Informatics Programmer’ certainly is the training for you.
  • Do you prefer working to the computers? Do you want to ensure that the servers and network devices work well? Then, choose the major ‘Informatics Network Manager’.

You start with an excellent basis which is identical to both majors. Subsequently, you can choose the major which is best attuned to your interests! You choose the training, customised to your professional and future plans.

  • This programme is only available in Dutch!