Practical information

"AI For Healthcare is a strongly focussed further training with well-chosen AI technology and specific medical data."

The further training “AI For Healthcare” is a course taught in English of 1 semester starting from January 2021 until June 2021. All English videos are subtitled in Dutch and the lecturers also give support in Dutch.

We apply the blended learning approach: a mix of contact moments and distance education, as a result of which this study programme can be combined with a full-time job.

Distance education is mainly given via our powerful LMS (Learning Management System).

In addition to our video footage, you also have practical material at your disposal to study the course at your own pace.

Combination with “AI @home”

AI For Healthcare is a strongly focussed further training with well-chosen AI technology and specific medical data. Students who would rather like to first immerse themselves in a broader range of AI Technology and then zoom in on the specific healthcare context can combine “AI@home” and “AI For Healthcare”. In that case, you start in September 2020 with the module “Machine Learning”, and immerse yourself in Healthcare as from January 2021.

After passing the exam, you obtain the micro degree “AI @home” and a certificate for the further training “AI For Healthcare”.

The Alumni of “AI@home” can count on an attractive reduction for the further training trajectory “AI For Healthcare”.

The study programme is spread over 2 semesters (1 year) in order to be able to combine work and studies. The exams will take place in 8500 Kortrijk, Graaf Karel De Goede Laan 5.

  • October 2020: start of the modules Machine Learning & ML for Healthcare 
  • January 2021: start of Deep Learning & Deep Medicine

The “AI For Healthcare” Team

The  “AI For Healthcare” team is involved in the following projects:

  • Analysing ECG with AI
  • Early detection of cognitive disorders that refer to dementia
  • Medical image analysis: segmenting prostate images, skin cancer detection, …
  • App development for the follow-up of kidney transplant patients 

The team of lecturers consists of:

  • Marie Dewitte, Biomedica and AI researcher at the IT bachelor Howest
  • Cedric Hermans, Bioinformatics specialist and lecturer Bioinformatics
  • Wouter Gevaert, AI expert and Senior Principal Lecturer of the choice trajectory ‘AI Engineer’

Cost Price

  • AI For healthcare: €450,-
  • AI For healthcare for AI@home Alumni: €150,- 
  • AI for Healthcare” for Howest Bioinformatics Alumni: €150,- 
  • Microdegree AI@home + AI For healthcare: €500,-