AI for Healthcare

AI for Healthcare
"Artificial Intelligence for the Care Sector: now put into practice!"

Building on our successful AI @home, the IT bachelor Howest MCT worked together with the bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Science and the Advanced Bachelor of Bioinformatics to offer the further training “AI For Healthcare”.

The objective of this further training is not only to understand the impact of AI on care, but also to learn students how to apply AI in real-life case examples.

Unique in this further training is that the students first get a crash course on the biomedical subject matter and context before setting to work with the specific data. So, this further training especially aims at bioinformatics specialists, academics and IT staff in the healthcare sector. Basic knowledge of programming is recommended.

At the moment, Artificial Intelligence is “Narrow” AI, software that can learn  how to carry out a narrowly described task. But that “Narrow AI” offers particular possibilities in the healthcare sector. The main opportunities are a more accurate diagnosis, medicines adapted to our phenotype and the support to doctors in processing medical data so that they can spend more time to the patient.

The classification of diseases (whether or not using photos), the analysis of ECG data and DNA sequences are some of the examples that the students put into practice. All kinds of techniques, from relatively simple regression techniques to complex deep learning, are discussed.

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Practical information

The further training “AI For Healthcare” is a course taught in English of 1 semester starting from January 2021 until June 2021. All English videos are subtitled in Dutch and the lecturers also give support in Dutch.

We apply the blended learning approach: a mix of contact moments and distance education, as a result of which this study programme can be combined with a full-time job.

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