(English-taught semester) We teach the World

Howest English-taught semester We Teach the World
"Innovation and creativity: the handles of future education."

The English-taught semester in the teacher training department is meant for students in education departments with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. In Howest we train teachers to teach in nursery schools, primary schools and the lower years of secondary schools (to 2,5-16-year olds). This semester will surely add value to your degree and your career opportunities as you will improve your teamworking skills, communication skills, entrepeneurship and teaching methodology.

The international teacher training semester is a modular semester offered in autumn that covers topics related to teacher training and development, as well as broad educational topics. The modules are a combination of lectures, educational trips and internships. In Howest we focus on innovation, creativity, diversity, teamwork and inquiry based learning. In the English-taught semester, various competences can be acquired such as communication, coaching and IT skills. Our student teachers do a lot of internships and take their training in real school environments so that once they have graduated, they can start as teachers having the required skills and competences. In our English-taught semester, we offer a total of 30 ECTS credits. We think it is important to integrate international students in our teacher training department and esteem that fruitful communication and cooperation can be developed between them and our own students. So let's teach the world together!

In the autumn and spring semesters students from the teacher training department organize an orientation week for all incoming students at Howest. For more info about the orientation week, see further in this brochure.

This English-taught semester is organised by our Bachelor of Teacher Training: Pre-Primary/Primary/Secondary Education (BAKO/BALO/BASO).