(English-taught semester) Integrated Building Design and Construction

Howest English-taught semester Integrated Building Design and Construction
"Create. Build."

Advanced CAAD workshops on Building Information Modelling come along with practice sessions improving your visualisation skills. Together with lectures on (sustainable) construction management, they are supporting and facilitating the main assignment of the semester: the integrative project in the Architectural Design Studio. You will work in an international team, simulating a real life architecture studio working on a design for an architecture contest. Your design will creatively integrate your knowledge of architectural technology, construction and sustainability. Coached by engineers and architects, this practicum experience will develop your personal design skills and deepen your knowledge of building sciences, as well as improve your co-operation and communication skills.

Besides, you will build your own outstanding portfolio and get acquainted with Belgian and Flemish culture. The icing on the cake is the participation in a field trip focusing on contemporary architecture, in Flanders or optionally in a neighbouring country.

This English-taught semester is organised by our Bachelor of Applied Architecture (TA).

This programme is only available in English!