(English-taught semester) Digital Creative Projects in Product Design

"If you want to stand out, creativity is key!"

Whether in our professional or personal lives, digital technology is everywhere. Everyone uses it to communicate and organize. The real question is whether we use computers and other tools to their full potential. Do we make them work for us?

A professional digital creative is able to make full use of the existing information technology to plan and organize projects, to keep track of budgets, to organize mailings, as well as generate state-of-the-art communication plans with visuals, sound and imaging to make any project stand out and be successful.

In every step of the design process, digital creative Product Designers use their computer and other devices to keep track of all aspects of the project and to work more efficiently.

The designer uses up to date software to visualize inspiration and ideas, to plan and organize stakeholder meetings, to organize target group research and process the collected data, to communicate on projects.

Together with students from different nationalities and backgrounds, you learn how to use information technology to plan, coordinate, communicate and illustrate a professional project. You put your new knowledge and skills to the test in an integrated project in which you will take the role of the product designer in a multidisciplinary team.