(English-taught semester) Bioinformatics

(English-taught semester) Bioinformatics
"Research into heredity and diseases is no longer possible without programmers. Wondering how you can apply IT and biology skills to lifelike problems in health and disease? Then this English taught semester Bioinformatics in Bruges is something for you!"

Bioinformatics is a new and spectacular field which uses methods from informatics to store and process molecular biological information (DNA, proteins, functions). In bioinformatics, molecular biology is combined with informatics and programming.

A bioinformatics scientist is capable of retrieving the necessary information from databases and using these to make predictions. He will play an important role in the development of new medicines in the field of cancer, Alzheimer, etc.  

In the course of the English taught semesters bioinformatics, three roles are covered, viz. the role of programmer, the role of informatics scientist and the role of bioinformatics scientist. You learn several programming languages such as PHP, Python and R and you use the most relevant databases of which you learn to process and interpret the data.

During the program there is a special emphasis on standard and essential tools, both in a Windows and in a Linux environment.

This English-taught semester is organised by our Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Science (BLT).

This program is only available in English!