"You’re face to face with the man who could sell the world."


‘Yes I can’… that's what they say to themselves in the mirror every morning. Sales people are specialists in convincing. All day long they go out to convince potential clients of their products. They are masters in consumer psychology, negotiations and closing deals. That's a real thrill! E-commerce is yet another specialism. No more offline communication, only online tricks to seduce consumers. Google Adwords and Analytics, web shops, email marketing, social media strategies … it's all in the package.

Communication management at Howest offers the possibility to specialise in Advertising, Events, Sales, PR & Media or Digital Storytelling. That's unique!
Do you prefer All-round Communication? That's also possible!

You want to know more about the training, international opportunities, study sheets, info days, enrolment, …? Let’s Talk!

  • This program is only available in Dutch!
Information sessions

Infodag 1 september 2018

01/09 09u-12u
Infodag 1 september 2018