Digital Storytelling

"It’s the story you tell, not the product you sell."


Telling stories online that stick: only a true digital storyteller can do that. The content is the starting point. Audio, video, photography and graphics bring the content to life. The digital storyteller shows what happens in front of and behind the screens of your favourite brands. Every day they check the latest trends in the field of apps and experiments with new media tools. In the large world of the World Wide Web, they find the right way to the right audience and their stories guarantee the magical perfect match between brand and audience.

Communication management at Howest offers the possibility to specialize in Advertising, Events, Sales, PR & Media or Digital Storytelling. That's unique!
Do you rather go for All-round Communication? That's also possible!

You want to know more about the training, international opportunities, study sheets, info days, enrolment, …? Let’s Talk!

  • This program is only available in Dutch!
Information sessions

Infodag 1 september 2018

01/09 09u-12u
Infodag 1 september 2018