"Advertising is based on one thing: happiness"


In de advertising world, you can find a colorful assortment of sexy accounts, eccentric creative people, rationally thinking strategists and planners and meticulous production teams. All these people work together to think of and realize advertisement campaigns for brands we see every day. They seduce us via social media, email, online advertising, newspapers or magazines, television and radio, billboards in the street or movie commercials. They are specialists in creating dream worlds, humourists and like no other they know how to touch our deepest emotions.

Communication management at Howest offers the possibility to specialize in Advertising, Events, Sales, PR & Media or Digital Storytelling. That is unique!
Do you prefer All-round Communication? That's also possible!

You want to know more about the training, international opportunities, study sheets, info days, enrolment, …? Let’s Talk!

  • This program is only available in Dutch!
Information sessions

Infodag 1 september 2018

01/09 09u-12u
Infodag 1 september 2018