PR & Media

"Don’t raise your voice, improve your argumentation."


PR people are born networkers. Diplomatic too. Guarding the good image and the reputation of the organization: that's what they go for. Anyone who can have the slightest influence on this image gets the ‘stakeholder’ label. And it is with these stakeholders that good relations are maintained: existing clients, potential clients, pressure groups, local residents, politicians, but also journalists, bloggers, vloggers and the like. They can phrase something very well: in front of a public, in front of the camera or on paper. Social and other media have no secrets for the PR & media specialist.

Communication management at Howest offers the possibility to specialize in Advertising, Events, Sales, PR & Media or Digital Storytelling. That's unique!
Do you rather prefer All-round Communication? That's also possible!

You want to know more about the training, international opportunities, study sheets, info days, enrolment, …? Let’s Talk!

  • This program is only available in Dutch!
Information sessions

Infodag 1 september 2018

01/09 09u-12u
Infodag 1 september 2018