Sports and Movement

"As a movement coach you are passionate about movement and you want to incite and motivate others with enthusiasm to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle."

Movement coaches help both individuals and groups to work toward sports and fitness objectives. They motivate them to move more and more efficiently and they organize movement activities. They use smart tools (apps, wearables, activity trackers, …), work in a project-based way and dare to think in an enterprising and innovative way.

Students in the Sports and Movement training program are trained to become professionals with a wide range of employable skills. They work as movement coaches in companies, with national health services and neighbourhood health centers; as BOV coaches (Bewegen op Verwijzing/Moving upon Referral), as staff members at neighbourhood sports services and sports federations, as personal trainers and coaches, as staff members in the active leisure sector or as entrepreneurs in the sports and health sector.

Our practice-oriented approach, coaching style and multidisciplinary and experience-oriented working are the key characteristics of our training programme. This in very close cooperation with the sports and movement sector and in the brand new Sports innovation campus.

  • This program is only available in Dutch!