Bachelor Teacher Training: Primary Education

Bachelor Teacher Training: Primary Education
"Are you fascinated by the living world and development of children? Is creativity your second name and can parents count on you as education partner? Then, this is the training for you."

Discovering the world together: that is what it is all about in your class. As a primary education teacher, you do not just share your knowledge and skills. You start from the possibilities and talents of every child and you go on a discovery tour together with them to develop unique personalities on the basis of a social commitment. In this way, learning becomes really fun.

You would like to work as a primary education teacher in regular, special needs’ or method education? With your expertise, you can start in all education networks. Cultural and educative centers as well are interested in your skills.

This practice-oriented training program immediately brings you into contact with the work field and the pupils. Doing means experiencing and growing as a teacher. Discovering your own qualities and strengths. You gain insights and skills. You learn how to apply innovative educational methods. Using new technologies in the class is self-evident for you.

This program is only available in Dutch!

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A picture says more than a thousand words. We'd like to give you a sneak preview of what awaits you.


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