Journalism (general)

Bachelor Journalism

Howest journalistiek
"You become a journalist by being a journalist. That is the motto of the training. "

What you learn in the lessons, you put into practice yourself: research, interviews, photographing, writing, recording and editing. You keep a finger on the pulse in our ever-changing society. Our training has excellent contacts with all Flemish media: newspapers, magazines, news websites, radio and television. They publish the best student works.

In our own cross-medial newsroom you make the news yourself every week. So you become an allrounder who delivers top quality both for the written press and online, and for radio and television. As a journalist of the 21st century, you learn how to deal with the constant flow of information. You learn how journalists today use platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Your lecturers are self-driven newsmakers themselves. They share their expertise and passion for journalism with you. You become a journalist who is open-minded, flexible and digital.

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This program is only available in Dutch!