3D Production and VFX

"Within this major, you are submerged in the world of 3D animation and VFX."


You master the workflow from storyboard to finished product. A solid artistic basis and a strong conceptualizing ability, combined with a thorough insight in the technicality of the production process of both movies and animation films make your profile unique within the sector.
You professionally combine your knowledge of image composition and postproduction techniques and extensive 2D and 3D content creation skills. Your virtual world is pre-rendered!

You possess the necessary technical baggage and scripting skills to – where necessary – optimize your own production process and to enhance your production speed. “Time is money” is not just another phrase for you. This implies an extremely thorough knowledge of the diverse professional software tools that are used in the sector.

Future jobs for students who graduate in this major are Character Modeler, Environment Modeler, Rigging Artist, 3D Artist, Compositor, Character Animator, Rotoscoper, Technical Artist, Post Producer, Vfx Artist, 3D Animator, Render Supervisor…

Semester 5 can be substituted by a study semester abroad at one of our international partner universities.

Information sessions

Infodag in Brugge, Kortrijk en Oudenaarde

28/08 17u-21u
Infodag in Brugge, Kortrijk en Oudenaarde

Infodag in Brugge, Kortrijk en Oudenaarde

29/08 10u-13u
Infodag in Brugge, Kortrijk en Oudenaarde