"As sales/marketer, you see the gap in the market, you feel the irresistible urge to fill it and you develop the appropriate sales and marketing strategy to launch your product/service."

Are you creative or rather analytical? Do you like to be in the spotlights or do you prefer working behind the scenes? Are you a born salesman or do you prefer offering the salesman the necessary tools? Within our marketing training program, several profiles join which all have one main objective: the commercial improvement of the company.

With our sales and marketing subjects, we focus on several fields:

  • Digital
  • Applied
  • Specific business projects

On the one hand, you learn to think strategically and see the broad framework; on the other hand, we let you apply specific matters within e.g. email marketing, Google Adwords, social marketing, market research, sales,...

Studying Marketing at Howest stands for learning and applying. With two work placements and specific business projects, we send you to your first job with robust experience.

Also have a look at the other elective tracks:


  • This program is only available in Dutch!
Information sessions

Infodag in Brugge, Kortrijk en Oudenaarde

28/08 17u-21u
Infodag in Brugge, Kortrijk en Oudenaarde

Infodag in Brugge, Kortrijk en Oudenaarde

29/08 10u-13u
Infodag in Brugge, Kortrijk en Oudenaarde