ICT & Blockchain Consultant

"Wanted: IT professionals with a sense of adventure"

You are fascinated by everything that has to do with IT, but you do not feel like sitting in front of a computer screen your entire career? Then ICT & Blockchain Consultant might be the training for you.

IT can only be successful when enough attention is paid to listening to the people who will use the applications. As ICT & Blockchain Consultant you are trained to bring both worlds closer together - IT and business - and this starts by understanding both very well. Via all sorts of techniques, you learn how to map out the functioning of a company, to identify the delicate issues and think of the appropriate IT solutions. Subsequently, you implement the new solution together with the client.

You do not do this alone, but in team, and often also at different locations, sometimes even worldwide … So, being prepared to travel, having the necessary social skills, a healthy ambition and a great deal of courage is crucial! See you soon?

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  • This programme is only available in Dutch!