Howest Toegepaste Informatica
"A passion for creating programmes that help people!"

The future is digital and we are already experiencing that today. Our passion is developing digital solutions that help shape the future.

Websites, apps, embedded devices, … Software comes in many forms and is constantly evolving. Almost all of them are designed using the same set of basic principles. You will gradually learn this basis during the programme. 

You will also gain insight into the systems and technologies that make this possible. Thorough but adjusted, so that you can use it within your solution.

And last but not least, the human component is also covered. You learn how to work in a team, in dialogue with customers and end users.

In short, a contemporary education that will prepare you for a successful career within a domain that is evolving at lightning speed.

Only offered in Dutch

Keuzetrajecten van de opleiding Bachelor Applied Computer Science