AI Business Professional

Bachelor Applied Computer Science

AI Business Professional
"Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity. - Andrew Ng"

Do you like to think technically but also out-of-the-box? Do you follow the latest digital innovations closely? And above all, do you want to help companies and organisations convert this potential into added value? Welcome to the AI Business Professional major!

As an AI Business Professional you are challenged to look beyond the current implementations of IT. Innovations in hardware and software provide an unprecedented potential for new, disruptive technologies. Just think of Augmented Reality for a better user interface, Blockchain for data storage and Artificial Intelligence for its processing.

It is not self-evident for companies and organizations to respond quickly to this. New technologies require new competencies and even other working methods. In order to work more efficiently and to remain relevant, they need our applied profiles.

We therefore prepare you to turn these challenges into opportunities, so that optimization and even innovation can come about.

Only offered in Dutch

Minor of the Bachelor Applied Computer Science