Applied Informatics

"The world runs on computers … we teach you how to make them do what you want!"

Informatics is everywhere. IT professionals make the programmes and infrastructure which make our trains work, make our businesses run and make our water flow. From cars and planes over cell phones to your coffee machine: the world runs on computers.

Applied informatics teaches you how these computers work, how to write good and safe programmes for them, and how to sell these. A firm basis of hardware, software, security, business and everything around it.

We put the focus on practice and learn while we make fun (among other things, by creating a game in the first and second year, a project of your choice in the second year, capture the flags, … ).

In addition to a firm basis of IT, you choose, from the second year on, topics from an elective track:

  • ICT consultant: you advise companies with the implementation of the latest technologies
  • Software & Systems Engineer: you develop web, mobile and IoT solutions
  • Computer & Cyber Crime Professional: you organise the cybersecurity and deal with cybercrime


  • This programme is only available in Dutch!