Research and services

Research focus

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The Bioinformatics training programme attaches great value to applied research and services for various European institutions. To this end, the BioInformatics Knowledge Centre (BiKC) was recently established as a reliable partner with a solution-oriented approach.

The BiKC focuses on the analysis and visualization of large amounts of data, building applications and pipelines and fulfilling an advisory role within the agro-food and health sector. 

Within this context, the BiKC works closely together with the Biomedical Laboratory Science programme. In this way, we can provide an end-to-end approach to the research question (from DNA extraction to reporting). The focus here is on the application of third generation sequencing within the agro-food and health sector.


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Overview of previous and current research projects with an (external) partner:

  • Optimization, validation and implementation of nanopore sequencing technology for biomedical and engineering applications (PWO project NanoDeTech)
  • Imputation of non-genotyped markers; building a Docker container for automated imputation
  • Bacterial and viral nanopore sequencing and annotation
  • Modelling and docking of connexins (publication)
  • Development of a Shiny app for MS-PEP data analysis (app)

All projects are coordinated by a research coordinator and carried out by researchers and/or students associated with the bioinformatics programme. 


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In need of bioinformatics expertise?

Perhaps we can help you in one of the following ways:

•    In the form of (paid) services, we work together to find a solution to your problem.
•    We become partners in a research project with a cooperation agreement.
•    One (or more) of our students will do their traineeship in your company/research group.

In need of professionalization?

We can offer customized workshops or study days/afternoons for both companies and secondary schools. 

Contact us via to discuss a possible collaboration or bioinformatics training à la carte!