What is distance learning?

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Distance learning or at home is a training variant with a minimum of location-based learning and evaluation activities, in which the student is given maximum flexibility to achieve the intended learning outcomes - the same as daytime education. With the aid of a powerful learning environment, which is geared to the target group, the student is supported in self-directed learning in the form of guided self-study. A feasible course - organized according to the block system - ensures that the student can complete the course with a limited number of contact hours. The at home training is open to everyone who is minimum 21 years and / or working student.


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The programme of the advanced bachelor training in distance training is the same as in full-time daytime education, but is built up differently and spread over two academic years.

The modules of semester 1 are offered in the first year and the modules of semester 2 are dealt with in the second year. The modules are not offered parallel, but one after the other. Upon completion of every module, the exam of that module immediately follows.

Per module three contact moments and an exam of two hours are planned. The contact moments take place every two weeks on the campus in Bruges from 6 PM to 8 PM.

The subject matter is mainly processed via self-study, in combination with coaching/exercises/questions during the contact moments. The work placement is, preferably, done with the employer. The work placement subject is determined in agreement with the university college.

The advanced bachelor @home training starts every two years.
The next start of the program is in academic year 2018-2019. The course starts in September, it is not possible to enroll in the model trajectory after September.
Contact the learning path counselor of the study program to discuss an adapted course.

Organisatie contactmomenten

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In distance learning, all modules are organized one after the other. The next module does not start until the course material of the previous module has been completed. For each module, there are 3 contact moments of 2 hours each (each from 6 pm to 8 pm) and an exam of 3 hours.

During the contact moments the subject matter is dealt with through exercises, coaching, questions and / or a crash course. The contact moments take place on the campus every two weeks, but can also be followed via live streaming from a distance (from home) or can be reviewed afterwards.


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Do you have any questions about the @home programme?
Send an email to bit@howest.be.