Associate Degree Online & Offline Graphic Design

Associate Degree Digital Design

Online & Offiline Graphic Design

Creative thinker. Rolling up your sleeves. Image beast. Do you recognize yourself in these descriptions? Well then this is your study programme. The new associate degree study programme of Online & Offline Graphic Design teaches you to think in pixels and to play with designs, so that at the end of the programme you can flawlessly translate ideas into striking, attractive campaigns. With your laptop as your inseparable buddy! 

We keep theory to a minimum and we don't do exams: here, you get to work almost immediately in the workshop which is the heart of the study programme. In our task-oriented study programme, you will learn through exercises and projects how to create irresistible offline and online designs with the help of the necessary computer programmes. Designs that - even in our visual culture - stand out because of their originality and visual flair. 

To ensure that you graduate as an all-round online and offline graphic designer, we have split our study programme into four blocks, which together will teach you all the skills you need: Design Thinking, Design Skills, Web Development and Workshop. And if that's not enough, we have another asset up our sleeve: our Mind and Makerspace (MaM), equipped with a state-of-the-art photo and video studio. 

Brainstorming, experimenting, testing, designing, fine-tuning, delivering under tight deadlines, ... You will learn it all and more in the Online & Offline Graphic Design associate degree study programme. Ready to conquer the world with your ideas, with your laptop as your partner in crime? Then you're more than welcome at Howest! 

This programme is available only in Dutch!

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