Graduaat Maatschappelijk Werk

Graduaat in het Maatschappelijk Werk

Do you have a heart for others? Are equal chances and social justice close to your heart? Can your smooth talk put people at ease? And would you like to work with them individually to increase their well-being and help them? 

In this new associate degree study programme we will prepare you for two specific profiles: social-legal service provider and psychosocial care provider. In both sections, the focus is on individual clients and their immediate environment. You help them, advise them and help them start moving down the path. In short, you will mean something to people. 

In this study programme, you will learn by doing. Practice and concrete examples will always be the basis for the theory. Right from the start, you will come into contact with potential target groups. More than half of the study programme consists of 'workplace learning'. This study programme therefore very closely joins the professional field. You will solve real-life case studies, the lecturers have a lot of practical experience and you will also learn in real life at your work placement company. 

As a graduate social worker, there is a good chance that you can start working immediately. Thanks to your profile of psychosocial worker or socio-legal service provider, you can start working as a housing coach, in CAW's or OCMW's, as a life coach, an employment counsellor, a youth coach, … 

This programme is only available in Dutch!


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