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Discover the study programme that suits you? 
Come to our info day on 26 June

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Do you want to make up your mind for the next academic year just before the summer holidays?

On the Howest info day that takes place on Saturday 26 June, you will be introduced to the study programmes of your choice, you will talk to your lecturers and other students and you will get a personal tour on the campus.

That same day we also start the definitive enrolments.

Would you like to stay informed about this info day (programme, practicalities, ...)? Leave your contact information below.

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You would rather not wait until 26 June?
Book your individual campus visit right now, make your pre-enrolment or apply for your study programme brochures.

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Looking for an English taught bachelor programme?

Howest University of Applied Sciences offers a diverse portfolio of 24 bachelor programmes and 12 associate degree programmes in Bruges and Kortrijk. Howest also offers a number of English taught bachelor programmes.

For more details, the study programme, the brochure, the live sessions and all additional information, click on the name of the bachelor programme. Or ask your question by email.

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Advanced bachelor of Bio-informatics
Applied Computer Science
Digital Arts and Entertainment
Digital Design and Development (Devine)

Questions and answers

Apart from a large choice in courses, Howest has so much more to offer. Study support, accommodation and financial support, for instance. Or customised programs even, in case you want to combine studying and a job.

You can find more detailed answers on these topics further down. As well as everything there is to know about the laptop project, higher education, job/studies combination and what your options are after you obtained your degree.

Student services

Still figuring out what course to take? Questions about student facilities, grants, financial support, accommodation or compensation of your transport costs to and from campus? Any questions on a more personal level?

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Laptop project

Each Howest student requires a laptop with legal software as recommended by the program.

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Questions for the student secretariat?

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