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Welcome to the Howest Online Open Day!

Lode De Geyter - Rector

During our Online Open Day you will be able to directly ask lecturers and students any of the questions you might have. The dedicated pages per program allow you to check the program content, have a peak at some course material and to follow live sessions even.

Don’t miss this Open Day filled with information; an essential aid to help you take your final decision on what you will study.

Is the fact this second Online Open Day takes place digitally an indication of ‘online’ remaining the norm at Howest next year still? By no means. Our institute is renowned for its personal approach to education and we will do all we can to live up to this reputation during the 2020-2021 academic year. Our ambition is to focus as much as possible on a live and personal style of teaching. In the movie next to this text, our director reveals some more details on how exactly we envisage this.

No free spot in your agenda on Saturday, June 27th? You will still have the opportunity to visit our campus after that date.

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Bezoek de campus

Are you keen to see what our aulas, laboratories and practice rooms look like for real? To get a sense of the atmosphere on campus? Or to ask some questions about the program you’re interested in, face-to-face?

You can visit the Howest campuses until July 10th. You will have to book your visit though and your party cannot be bigger than 3 people. Your visit will be kept as short as possible and obviously all social distancing guidelines will be complied with.

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Looking for an English taught bachelor programme?

Howest University of Applied Sciences offers a diverse portfolio of 24 bachelor programmes and 10 associate degree programmes in Brugge en Kortrijk. Howest also offers a number of English taught bachelor programmes.

For more details, the study programme, the brochure, the live sessions and all additional information, click on the name of the bachelor programme.

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Advanced bachelor of Bio-informatics
Applied Computer Science
Digital Arts and Entertainment
Digital Design and Development (Devine)

Questions and answers

Apart from a large choice in courses, Howest has so much more to offer. Study support, accommodation and financial support, for instance. Or customised programs even, in case you want to combine studying and a job.

You can find more detailed answers on these topics further down. As well as everything there is to know about the laptop project, higher education, job/studies combination and what your options are after you obtained your degree.

Student services and facilities

Still figuring out what course to take? Questions about student facilities, grants, financial support, accommodation or compensation of your transport costs to and from campus? Any questions on a more personal level?

More information

Laptop project

Each Howest student requires a laptop with legal software as recommended by the program.

More information

Do you have another question?

Did you not find the answer you were looking for in the sections next to here or above? Not even when you went over the FAQs on the dedicated course page? 

Why not start a conversation with us about it below?

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