The Howest laptop project

The Howest laptop project

Every student at Howest needs a laptop with legal software recommended by the study program.

In order to facilitate future Howest students as much as possible, Howest negotiates the best possible conditions for hardware and service through an intermediary each year. This results in a significant price advantage over similar commercial devices.

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Hardware and software

Depending on the software needs of the education, a laptop model is proposed for each study program. By bundling all Howest purchases, an advantageous package of hardware and service is composed. Each student is, of course, free to purchase their laptop or software themselves via  different sales channels.

Via the button below you can consult the specifications for the 2020-2021 academic year. 
NB: These specifications (and respective rates) are subject to change. This page will be updated in May for the 2021-2022 academic year.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is a laptop mandatory? What are the advantages?

With a laptop, you can access your course material, the internet and presentations anytime and anywhere. You can work on your assignments at home, at a student room or at school because you have all the necessary software on your device. Via your laptop, you can easily monitor any electronic communication from your lecturers via e-mail or our learning environment.

Am I obliged to buy a laptop via the laptop project?

No, no one is obliged to purchase a device through the laptop project. It is a non-binding offer. You may already have a device that can be used for your training if it is still performant enough. Explore the market, compare offers and prices, be critical.

How does the laptop project work? How does it benefit me?

Howest works together with external partners for the supply of the devices. In consultation with the college, the external partner searches for devices from top brands that are suitable for at least 3 years within the chosen study program. For this reason, we also ask our external partners to offer a 3-year warranty on the devices.

  • HP/DELL: You get 3-years of next business day on-site warranty for HP & DELL through our external partner In concrete terms, this means that if you bring your laptop to the external partner’s service centre for a warranty repair, the device will be repaired the next working day. If a repair takes longer than expected, you are entitled to a replacement device.
  • APPLE: The repairs are done at one of the Lab9 stores (Courtrai, Bruges). If the repair time takes longer, you are entitled to a replacement device.
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Important information about Wi-Fi at Howest

From September 2019, all devices at Howest must have a Wi-Fi card that supports 5Ghz frequency. When purchasing a device, it is best to look for a Wi-Fi card with ac and 2x2 mentioned. Wi-Fi cards that only mention 802.11bg will have poor performance on our wireless network. You do not need to purchase a new device. You can buy a USB wifi dongle.