XR for Healthcare

Thursday 17/11

XR for Healthcare

We zijn trots om de derde sessie van XR academy aan te kondigen die doorgaat in HealthHouse in Leuven op 17 November.

In deze academy focussen we op het potentieel van augmented en virtual reality binnen de gezondheidszorg, van het helpen revalideren van patiënten, het ondersteunen van chirurgen, het opleiden van verpleegkundigen tot het afleiden van kinderen voor een operatie. Ben je geïnteresseerd in dit topic en/of ben je werkzaam in de gezondheidszorg en wil je een realistisch beeld krijgen hoe je deze technologie kan toepassen, aarzel dan niet om in te schrijven voor deze interessante avond, vol keynotes, testimonials en demo's.

Een netwerkmoment is voorzien waarbij je gelijkgezinde mensen kunt ontmoeten tijdens een uitgebreide walking diner.

Dit event is georganiseerd in samenwerking met Health House, Smart Space en XR Valley.



Isabelle François

Isabelle François - 'Welcome introduction'

Isabelle François is a bio-engineer with a passion for healthcare and a sweet spot for science. As managing director of Health House, Isabelle combines these two passions. Before her position at Health House, Isabelle was active as Intellectual Property (IP) Officer at KU Leuven Research & Development. Isabelle obtained in 1997 the degree of bio-engineer in cell and gene biotechnology and she obtained in 2001 her PhD in Applied Biological Sciences.

Lode Sabbe

Lode Sabbe - 'Introduction of Smart Space'

Lode Sabbe is the Head Of Department at Smart Space rehabilitation center of UZ Gent. He has history of working in the higher education industry and is skilled in Sensory Integration, Healthcare Management, Clinical Research, Medicine, and Sensory Processing. Strong education professional with a Master of Occupational Sience focused in Participation of people with limitations in daily life activities from Ghent University.


Tom Braekeleirs

Tom Braekeleirs

Keynote title: MedTech, innovation technology in healthcare

Tom Braekeleirs is a corporate guy turned entrepreneur. After working for 17 years in companies like EDS, Navision and Microsoft, he switched careers become CEO of BlueHealth Innovation Center, a not-for-profit in a public-private partnership that sets out to support digitalization in healthcare. Besides this role he’s also a sought after speaker and lecturer on topics such as the future of health and entrepreneurship and columnist for ‘Artsenkrant’.His personal motto: “Change the world, or go home!”


Gareth Walkom

Gareth Walkom

Gareth Walkom is a proud person who stutters from the UK and now living in Ghent. Since 2015, he has been researching, reviewing, advising, and speaking about virtual reality in speech therapy. Now, he is the Founder of withVR - an award-winning evidence-based customizable virtual reality tool for speech therapy. Gareth uses his voice to empower others to use theirs.

Eva Swinnen

Eva Swinnen - 'Effect of VR and optic flow manipulation'

Eva Swinnen is a professor neurological rehabilitation and rehabilitation technology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Research Group Rehabilitation Research (RERE). The focus of her research is on rehabilitation with the use of robotics and technology (exoskeletons, virtual reality, gaming, tDCS ...) in central neurological patients.

Martien Strik

Martien Strik - 'VR applications for CPR'

Martien is founder/CEO at VR MedicalSIM, distributor of high quality medical XR training solutions. In addition to existing applications, VR MedicalSIM focuses on developing innovative new forms of virtual simulation education. In doing so, Martin combines his paramedic background as an (emergency) nurse with his passion for XR.

Evarest Schoofs

Evarest Schoofs

Evarest Schoofs co-founded OneBonsai and focuses on bringing Augmented and Virtual Reality to businesses. Using proven methodologies, Evarest uses strategic insights to ensure the innovative projects are implemented effectively and integrated into client's processes. OneBonsai has worked for various healthcare providers, hospitals and suppliers to work with these emerging technologies to improve their L&D processes.

Joke Tisaun

Joke Tisaun

Joke Tisaun is a Business Innovation manager at Proximus. With a focus on Healthcare she likes to understand the value behind emerging technologies and how they can make a difference in a healthcare environment. As xR is evolving into maturation, a lot of her time is spent in this domain.


  • Chloë Baten [UCLL]
  • Lode Sabbe [UZGent/SmartSpace + HOWEST]
  • Evarest Schoofs [OneBonsai]
  • Discussion on possible applications of XR in healthcare, scalibility of the applications, sustainability, the future of digital healthcare.

Demo's en netwerkevent 

Demo's by: UGent, Arseus Medical, VR Medical Sim, OneBonsai, IQVIA, withVR, Holomoves, HITlab HOWEST

Host: Jelle Demanet