XR for Tourism & Culture

The event XR for tourism and culture is organized by Howest, XR Valley, Visit Flanders and Stereopsia. 

The event consists of two keynotes by experts from the XR world, testimonials and a panel discussion from specialists, developers in XR and/or tourism, culture and heritage venues. The sessions are followed by a walking dinner with a matchmaking event, the ideal time to get in touch with both XR interested parties and XR providers.

At this event, you will discover how the travel and culture sector can benefit from XR technology and how the experience of sights, tourist attractions, museums, heritage venues, art, ... can take on a new dimension. XR enables tourists to request just-in-time information and overlay their surroundings with digital components.

Among other things, XR offers opportunities for virtual tours, virtual visits to sights, tourist attractions and hotel rooms.

Since the coincides with Stereopsia Europa, when you register you also get acces to the day events, demos and exhibitions of this congres. 


Géraldine Bueken - Introduction of XR4Heritage 

Géraldine Bueken, experience strategist, producer and scriptwriter, works also as curator of STEREOPSIA, the World Immersive Forum.

Tuya Beyers - Introduction of Visit Flanders

Tuya assist European and international associations in finding the right partner in Flanders and Brussels to organise their next congress, meeting or seminar.

My focus is on the Innovative & Creative Industries, Material Sciences, Chemistry, Ports & Logistics, Energy & Environment.

Keynote Speakers

Nathalie Pichard (Founder Concilio Sàrl) 

Nathalie is responsible for the arttech foundation (Switzerland) but also representative of the detection jury of the heritage lix competition.

She is a senior executive in various management positions with a direct link to strategic and operational activities. Freelance consultant specializing in mandates in the domain of culture, higher education, management.

She will talk about the Swiss cultural market and the competition's detection partners, which are Arttech (swiss), Incubateur des monuments nationaux (FR), 104 (FR), Tourism Innovation Lab (FR), Hub Montréal (Canada), XR4europe (EU). 

Bruno Koninckx (researcher and business developer at Thomas More) 

Bruno Koninckx has been working as a researcher at the Thomas More University of applied sciences for almost 20 years, focusing on innovation in media technology. The last six years, he has carried out or was involved in projects on immersive technology for tourism, heritage, training, broadcasting and media. He is also a member of the expert committee Cultural Heritage of the Flemish government. He has worked as a technology journalist and is also a freelance consultant on innovation. 

About the keynote: Immersive or XR technologies promise to enhance the visitor’s experience of a tourism attraction, museum or heritage site. In a lot of cases, this has proven to be successful. But in a lot of other cases, money was not well spent on technology for technology’s sake projects that don’t take into account visitor’s needs and abilities. In this keynote, Bruno Koninckx will give you a down-to-earth view on immersive technologies for the tourism and heritage sector. 


Ben De Vriendt & Hans Vandamme - Enter The Ghent Altarpiece

Ben De Vriendt has been working at VISITFLANDERS since 2014 as 'International Audience Conqueror' for Arts and Heritage. From 2016-2021 he coordinated the ambitious leverage project on the Ghent Altarpiece in St Bavo's Cathedral.

Hans Vandamme is founder and managing partner of Alfavision, the company responsible for the AR development in the visitor centre of St Bavo’s Cathedral.

Steven Stumpf – Use cases of XR for tourism and culture 

Steven Stumpf is the founder and managing partner of Poppr, who have been making immersive web, AR and VR experiences since 2007. Two thirds of the 1,5M yearly unique visitors on their experiences come from travel and tourism.

PITCHES of 5 international XR- companies

Panel discussion

  • Lotte Kusters – City Cubes 
  • Sam Versele – Projectleider Flanders Heritage Venues
  • Thierry Jourquin (XRintelligence) 
  • Vincent Buyssens (digital consultant – moderator) 
  • Introduction of the speakers.
  • Discussion on possible applications of XR in heritage venues, scalibility of the applications, sustainability, ROI. The future of Heritage Venues