Unforgettable Game Experience for Final-Year Pupils in the Summer of 2021!

Next summer Junior Argonauts vzw, the Howest bachelor study programme DAE and Hangar K engage into a cooperation to fully invest in young people. Together we will make sure that pupils from the fifth and sixth years of secondary education are immersed in the world of the gaming industry for an entire week.
Thanks to the experts of our bachelor study programme DAE (Digital Art and Entertainment) they get acquainted with the gaming market and are coached step by step to design their own game. To that end, we use the common game engine Unreal Engine.

For five days, the young people will discover the world of game development together with indie game developers of DAE, they will get acquainted with all kinds of software and tools that are required to build a game 'from scratch' and they are introduced to the various types of jobs in the gaming sector.

We start the gaming camp with a brainstorm session about the type of game they want to make and organize a workshop on the price setting and teach them everything about the costs of a game; and then, they get to work with their own business case to get the feeling of business life. The participants are put to work in a creative way and design their own logo, name and marketing strategies. We always offer a mix of group work and individual coaching. 
We expect the youngsters to provide us with a prototype on Wednesday so that we can have some insight in their ideas. That day, they have the opportunity to show a preview of their work. On Friday, they show what they have created and we end with a pitch about their project.

Hangar K devotes itself to organizing guest speakers and a company visit for our participating final-year pupils.

More information and the registration form can be found here.