Two Projects of Howest Students Selected for Student-Entrepreneur Awards

Two Projects of Howest Students Selected for Student-Entrepreneur Awards

Two Projects of Howest Students Selected for Student-Entrepreneur Awards

Howest is committed to entrepreneurship and fully encourages this by guiding student-entrepreneurs and providing all necessary facilities. This results in numerous innovative and future-oriented projects and start-ups that also catch the eye outside the walls of Howest resulting in regular nominations (and rewards) for awards and prizes for student-entrepreneurs.

Student Startup of the Year

Among the five nominated projects for the category 'Student Startup of the Year' of The Big Squeeze Awards 2021 there is 'Liocare'. With this initiative, one of the Network Economics students, Mathieu Nijs (together with Mo Achrifi of UGent), created a platform that directly links students with a heart for healthcare to healthcare institutions in the neighbourhood. In the scope of the increasing aging population, the healthcare sector is indeed facing a major challenge, especially in the search for personnel. Students who can be employed quickly and flexibly can be a suitable solution for understaffed residential care centres.

The 'Student Startup of the Year' award will be presented to the winning project on 11May. Liocare is supported by the Start@K project within the start-up campus Hangar K on the Mandelaplein in Kortrijk. Start@K is a collaboration between the knowledge institutions Howest, VIVES, KULAK and UGent, the City of Kortrijk and Hangar K.

Start Academy

Howest students Tristan Ryckaert, Stef Cros and Florens Denys are in the finals of the Start Academy organized by Vlajo (Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemingen or freely translated Flemish Young Enterprises). With their start-up Tillup, the three Industrial Product Design students have developed a reusable and ecological wrap to secure loads on pallets. Tillup was also rewarded with the Textirama-award for concept idea last month.

The Start Academy award ceremony will take place on 6 May. Just like Liocare, Tillup has been nominated for Start@K, the Kortrijk collaboration project to support young entrepreneurship.

A Heart for Student-Entrepreneurs

All nominated student-entrepreneurs have received the necessary support from Howest Onderneemt. This full-fledged entity within Howest has been guiding innovative start-ups and all students who are or want to become entrepreneurs for more than ten years. One of the ways in which Howest realizes this is by means of entrepreneurial coaches. They advise student-entrepreneurs on how to draw up a business plan, on the feasibility of an idea or on financing. In addition, Howest opens up its extensive network and students can visit the incubators in Kortrijk and Bruges.