Howest student entrepreneur helping others get on the digital fast track

Alexander Vandepitte, a student in Applied Computer Science at Howest, set up his own company, MyCWeb, last year. Now, just one year later, the student-entrepreneur is already expanding the service to include IT help at home for individuals and businesses. MyCWeb is calling on a pool of Applied Computer Science students for this task. 

Getting lower-skilled individuals and companies with insufficient IT knowledge onto the digital fast track - that is what 19-year-old Alexander Vandepitte is aiming for with his start-up’s new service. The Howest student-entrepreneur believes digitalisation should simplify everyone’s life. "However, the digital world is moving so fast that a lot of people cannot keep up. With this in mind, I will be sending students from Howest’s Applied Computer Science program out to answer questions and solve IT problems as they come along."

IT support for individuals and businesses

With this new service, MyCWeb is targeting anyone who needs help with their computer, smartphone or other digital devices. That could be senior citizens, foreign-language speakers, those with lower literacy skills, or young people, but also start-ups, SMEs and international companies. The Applied Computer Science students will be offering individuals and businesses concrete answers to practical IT questions. For example, how do you make a bank transfer with your phone? How do you work with Smartschool or Doccle? Or how do you know if an e-mail is a scam? In turn, companies will be put on track to set up backup solutions, cloud storage or process automation.

Accessible services in East and West Flanders

"Anyone can come to MyCWeb for IT support," explains founder Alexander Vandepitte. "We solve IT problems, we provide tutoring and we sell laptops, printers and smartphones. We also have partners to design websites. The common thread throughout our service is that we work exclusively with IT students, keep prices as low as possible and always assign the same student to a customer. This is how we keep our services informal and accessible." MyCWeb operates in the student cities of Bruges, Ghent and Kortrijk, as well as throughout other parts of East and West Flanders. "We work with about ten students at this moment, but we are growing quickly. By the way, working with and for MyCWeb is a real win-win. The clients can count on affordable support, while students gain valuable experience," Alexander concludes.

Studying and entrepreneurship at Howest

Ensuring students are immediately employable after their studies is one of Howest's strategic objectives. Those who cannot wait to get started in the business world have the opportunity to launch a start-up during their studies. Howest encourages and facilitates this in various ways. Initially students receive guidance and expert advice in the start-up phase. In addition, assignments for certain course units can, where possible, be carried out in the context of one's own start-up, as can internships under the guidance of a business coach. Meanwhile, at The Vibe in Bruges, student-entrepreneurs have an IT incubator which focuses on companies working around IT, cybersecurity and blockchain.

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To celebrate the launch of the new service, every customer will receive a 5% discount between 19 September and 9 October 2022.