Testing positive for COVID-19

Dear colleague, student,

If you receive the confirmation on testing positive for COVID-19, you will have to follow the instructions of your treating physician and go into quarantine. The contact tracing by the government will also be started: we ask you to fully cooperate, also for contacts that you may have had at work, on campus or in student housing. See also: info-coronavirus.be/en/quarantine-isolation

In addition, in the event of an effective COVID-19 infection and a recent (up to 72 hours) presence at work / on campus / in Howest-student housing, we ask you to fill in this form as soon as possible.

The data of this notification is forwarded to the external service for prevention and protection IDEWE so that any additional measures can be taken via an additional risk analysis. You may also be contacted by telephone by an IDEWE occupational physician (Dr. Kathleen Cornelis or Dr. Griet Sierens). 

  • Note the names of the Howest-students with whom you had high-riskcontact in the 2 days before your test or symptoms. 
  • Contact your high-riskcontacts and inform them about the current test- and quarantainemeasures. Seeinfo-coronavirus.be/en/contact-tracing/

As always, IDEWE's occupational physicians and employees guarantee that this information will be used with the associated deontological rules and with respect for your privacy.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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