Cooperate with students

" Do you want to cooperate with our students?"

Howest offers a lot of cooperation opportunities with students. All of these have the same purpose: look together for solutions for real cases that you, as a work field partner, put forward.  During this cooperation, you see the students in action, you co-assess their work and – if you feel it click  – you recruit them after they graduate.  

Do you, as a partner, want to contribute to a bachelor paper, brainstorm or project week? Or do you see opportunities in a cooperation with a group of students during a whole semester? Please contact our study departments for a customized cooperation.  

Do you want to enter a work placement project yourself and in this way get in touch with fresh Howest talent? Please use the Howest work placement platform (*). 

In our incubators you can see students and alumni at work in their own start-ups.  


  • For framework agreements for work placements for the study programmes in Bruges, please contact  
  • For work placements for the study programme Occupational Therapist, please contact the work placement coordinator 
  • For work placements in secondary education for the study fields of Physical Education and Movement Recreation, please go to the Howest work placement platform. For work placements for all other educational fields, please contact 
  • For work placements in nursery education and primary education, please contact the work placement coordinators and
  • For work placements regarding educational associate degrees or short-term educational bachelors, please contact  

Projects, work placements, bachelor papers

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Cross-pollination is important for new ideas! At Howest, we are fully aware of that. Consequently, Howest invests in incubators on different campuses. Students, researchers, but also external start-ups work under one roof on the development of their own project. 

We also organise our incubators thematically. This ensures a lot of knowledge in one central place. Howest students that are working on their own company, can get a free workplace in one of the incubators.

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