Getting there and around

The Generator Hostel is conveniently located in Berlin to use public transport. Just around the corner from the hostel is a stop of the ‘Strassenbahn’ (name stop: Landsberger Allee).

The S-bahn is situated right behind the hostel (name station: Landsberger Allee). A daily pass to use public transport in Berlin will set you back 6.30 euros. So it’s worth to buy a week pass (7-Tage-Karte VBB-Umweltkarte Berlin/7-day-pass - areas AB, which is sufficient) for 27.20 euros.

Airport Schönefeld is not in area AB, unfortunately. So people arriving at this airport have to buy a top-up for getting away from Schönefeld Airport. It still is cheaper than buying one-way tickets.

At Schönefeld, there is a counter for public transport and the website provides information about where which bus is and where tickets can be purchased.