1. Creating an innovative product for the tourism trade in an autonomous way

  • Spotting and incorporating travel trends into your product
  • Generating innovative ideas to answer to market opportunities which are different from the competitor’s offers
  • Converting, together with others, an innovative idea into a realistic product from a selling point of view
  • Designing and managing a project together with others


2. Communicating skills

  • Using English as communication language in a multicultural group
  • Developing and practicing intercultural communication skills
  • Experiencing the implications of differences among cultures for international cooperation
  • Being able to function in a multicultural and interdisciplinary group

3. Managing a project and the project processes.

  • Coping with unexpected events which disrupt the processes in the project group, and reacting in an adequate manner.
  • Handling a simple conflict situation in a multicultural and interdisciplinary project group.
  • Evaluating the contributions of members of the project group and giving feedback to the project group
  • Self-evaluation of the own contributions and reflection on own performance