Code of conduct contract

In order to guarantee normal proceedings WOW Berlin, it is essential that the participating students and coaches will be sufficiently committed. Without this, organizing an event of this size would be just impossible. Consequently, a lot depends on the will of all parties involved to contribute toward the achievement of that aim.

Here are a few guidelines you should bear in mind.

  • All participants are expected to be punctual and to behave correctly during the project – be it at the EBC Hochschule, the ITB Fair or in the hostel.
  • All students must respect the hostel regulations and more specifically other hostel guests’ sleep. Hostel decoration and furniture have to be left in the state they were found upon arrival. Students who do not observe these regulations will be expelled from the hostel and will have to find other accommodation at their own expense. Any damage caused in the hostel will have to be paid for immediately.
  • Students should be present at all group meetings. They agree to schedule any additional meetings, if necessary, at a moment convenient for all group members. In case somebody is late or absent, the other group members should be acknowledged. All scheduled meetings should be attended on time and students are supposed to stay for the duration of the entire meeting.
  • Students commit themselves to complete the project on time. Every group member will do their fair share of the work thoroughly and respect deadlines, in order to meet the demands of the group and the assignment. He/She should be supportive, courteous and respectful toward peers at all times. He/She will make decisions that are in the best interest of the group and not solely in their own interest. He or she will be participate actively in their group at all times and will help solve conflicts that might arise between group members. Students will listen attentively to their peers’ ideas and opinions and will collaborate with them in a creative fashion.
  • In case of serious problems students will contact the coach/lecturer.
  • By signing this agreement the student abides by the aforementioned policies and regulations. Should for some reason whatsoever expectations not be met, he or she will understand that they or any group member may be sanctioned in the form of lower marks. In case of severe problems the lecturer/coach will inform the staff of WOW Berlin, whereupon the student may be expelled from their group. The penalties can vary from a loss of ECTS credits, refusal by the organizers to grant a certificate of participation in the project or expulsion from the entire project.
  • The student declares not to have any objections against their name and WOW Berlin related images being published on the project’s website. He/She also agrees that the presentations in which they participated during WOW Berlin, as well as the outcome of the teamwork, are published on the project’s website.

WOW Berlin team