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Studying takes energy … But it also costs lots of money. Stuvo answers all your questions about pecunia and shekels in a paying way.

  • Am I entitled to receive a scholarship?
  • Where and how do I find myself a job?
  • What is my status as a student?
  • Do I pay taxes?
  • Am I entitled to receive a minimum subsistence payment?
  • Andcetera, ...

Studying is expensive ...

You are in trouble or you want to start off well prepared? Then you are at the right address … Stuvo can help you! Discuss with us to what extent you are entitled to study financing. Attention, Erasmus students can’t access this facility.

For bachelor programs we use this procedure:

Step 1

We check to what extent you are eligible for a Studietoelage van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap [Study Grant of the Flemish Community] and can pay you on advance.

Step 2

In case the Studietoelage should not be sufficient to finance your studies … we can see, by means of a file, whether additional study financing via Stuvo is possible. This type of financing is possible for a laptop/tablet, a study trip, support for the rent of a student flat or other study cost. We look for a made-to-measure solution and reckon with your own financial possibilities.

Student job?

In addition to study financing, a student job is also a source of income. Stuvo will advise and help you with all aspects that relate to working as a student.

Allowances for Students

Sometimes, as a student, you are entitled to a minimum living wage, an unemployment benefit,… If you combine work, study and/or family, Stuvo will be glad to help you!


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