About shaping light 2012

For Howest | Industrial Design Center, Protolight organizes a new edition of "Shaping Light" on June 29.

This annual event is organized on demand of the lighting industry, which is strongly represented in the region, and presents the state of the art in the field of lighting.

Shaping Light is set in a design context and reaches a diverse audience that is shown a glimpse of the near future of lighting technology.

Various presentations clearly illustrate both innovation and creativity of lighting applications. The audience is not only given the technical aspects of lighting, but also comes into contact with manufacturers, designers and artists who use light in a less conventional way.

The previous editions of Shaping Light were a great success. We invited representatives from companies such as Philips, MGXbyMaterialise, Nimbus, Novaled, Holst Centre and special guests such as Bernhard Dessecker (Ingo Maurer Studio), Mark Ridler (BDP) and Nacho Carbonell.

This year, Shaping Light is organized during the design week “Week van ontwerpen 2012” in Kortrijk, on the site of the former NMBS (Belgian railroad company) hangar. This inspired us to take this event one step further and we are very pleased to present you the final program. This event is the perfect moment to receive an update of the latest developments in lighting technology, to chat with colleagues from the industry and to let yourself be inspired to develop new projects and creations.

Shaping Light closes with a presentation from the world-famous Italian designer Enzo Catellani,followed by a drink + DJ until late in the evening.


  • Solid State Lighting (LED & OLED)
  • Light in textile applications
  • Interactive lighting
  • Distinctive design of lighting fixtures
  • Retail lighting

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Target group

  • Industrial Designers
  • Product developers
  • R&D managers
  • Company management
  • Production
  • Artists
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Lighting designers and planners
  • Distributors


At the fair, you are given the opportunity to see some demos of various techniques and technologies.



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