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Mission Statement

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Howest University College is atypical, creative en entrepreneurial.

Anticipating the future and exploring the talents and motivation of each student, Howest University College coaches its students to become competent, highly employable, team oriented young professionals.

Howest University College sets the mark for socially relevant, practice-based education and valorisation oriented research and community service for the broad regional and international labour market.

Howest University College is an open-minded university college with respect for diversity.

Howest University College inspires its staff and students to integrate its core values into their personal and professional life.


Howest aspires to be a learning community which strongly invests in developing and enhancing creativity, innovative thinking, entrepreneurship and passion in a diverse intake of students and staff. Its campuses are a fertile habitat that generates cross-pollination and synergy.

Howest gives preference to staff members that show commitment and who identify with its mission and vision. They disseminate the Howest values.

Anticipating new trends and needs, Howest wants to design new profiles. In order to do so, it generates practice-based, state of the art curricula in close collaboration with the labour field. In a multidisciplinary setting, Howest integrates education, research and community service in each curriculum, thus creating an added value for its students, staff and society as a whole.

Howest is convinced that it is of the utmost importance for its staff and students to develop an international mindset and to actively participate in international programmes.

Howest strives for a quality culture in which all stakeholders reflect and participate actively. All programmes receive a maximum support from the facilitating services.

Core values

Our core values determine the culture of our organisation, the way we think about Howest, how we act in relation to our stakeholders and towards each other in our daily routine. Our core values inspire the mission and vision of Howest. They are the connecting thread in the strategic plan, they are the touchstone in each process.

Howest expects its staff and students to share these values, to live up to them and to disseminate them in an authentic way.

  • SERVE: act with a serving commitment
  • EMPOWER: reinforce the group and the individual
  • CARE: care for the other and do so sincerely


A serving commitment determines the quality of professional and human relations. Howest is convinced that every member of staff who shows honest commitment towards his task, makes a difference.

Enthusiasm, kindness, commitment and service are the qualities that add value to our education, research and community service. A receptive attitude and a willingness to listen to the other add to the charisma of Howest.

In order to realise the strategic plan, it is of utmost importance that each member of staff, each department, each service, keeps on reflecting on how innovation and creativity can be maximised within the scale and available resources.


Empowering staff and students implies allowing them to take initiatives and to be accountable for their actions within the outlines agreed upon. This implies trusting each other, a transparent management, but also a sustained dialogue and sharing of competences.

Howest believes in teams that operate from a shared vision. Passionate staff, a powerful learning environment and exhilarating campuses offer an inspiring habitat that allows people to maximise their talents.

Howest is convinced that its valorisation oriented research and community service are a powerful leverage to lift the industry, the tertiary sector and the social service sector to a higher level.


Howest cares for its stakeholders and aspires to live up to this value in each contact, in each negotiation, in each decision. Howest asks its staff and students to share this caring attitude and to express it in the way they communicate with each other and with the work field.

Howest pays attention to the uniqueness, the talents and the needs of every student and every member of staff.

Howest creates a warm-hearted living and studying habitat for their students which allows them to grow as human beings and as professionals Howest believes in the importance of commitment to society. Howest especially commits itself in social projects that offer a sustainable added value.