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Advanced Bachelor of Bioinformatics

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Advanced Bachelor Bioinformatics

You learn to store, process and analyze molecular biological data and in a next step to automatize this with data storage and processing by means of programming and scripting. Moreover, you learn to develop web applications for molecular data analysis. Because our students get a profound basis of programming skills during the educational program, they are the (missing) link between ICT experts and molecular biologists.

Your profile

Your level of education corresponds to a completed undergraduate degree (bachelor’s degree) with a profound knowledge of molecular biology, e.g. Biomedical Laboratory Technician. A background in Information Technology is NOT required! Our one-year program aims to convert “wet-lab” technicians into “dry-lab” technicians.

Job opportunities

As a bioinformatics technician you are a versatile employee within scientific research, with job opportunities both in private and academic research centers, including (university) hospitals.


This unique educational program was created at the request of (academic) research centers to provide the necessary “know-how” for technicians to function in a “dry-lab” environment.

Module ECTS
First semester BIT 01 Webtechnologies 5
BIT 02 Linux operatingsystems 5
BIT 03 Comparative genomic analysis 5
BIT 04 Scripting 5
BIT 05 Database technologies 5
BIT 06 Structural bioinformatics 5

Second semester

BIT 07 Biostatistics in R 5
BIT 08 Data mining 5
BIT 09 High throughput analysis 5
BIT 10 Systems biology 5
BIT 11 Internship interior or abroad 10
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Advanced Bachelor Bioinformatics @Home

Starting in 2016-2017, it is possible to follow the bachelor-after-bachelor as a remote educational program. The program is the same, but spread over two academic years (30 ECTS/year). This program starts every two years.

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