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Accommodation incoming exchange students

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Stip: Student Information Point

Stip, our student services department, is in charge of matching the accommodation offer in the 2 Howest cities with the incoming exchange students’ needs.

Howest Student Services, will help you find suitable accommodation. As soon as your application has been approved by Howest, Howest Student Services will contact you by e-mail, explain the different housing options and propose you the best match for your wishes and budget.

A student room in Bruges will cost you between €280 and €350 per month; a studio flat between €400 and €600 per month. In Kortrijk the price of an average student room is between €250 and €450 per month.

After 20 June (for Autumn) or 30 November (for Spring) Howest Student Services will not start to process new housing applications for the upcoming semester. Also respond promptly to the e-mails you receive from our Howest Student Services colleagues. If you fail to respond within 2 weeks or you drop the process, you cannot expect any “emergency housing assistance” upon arrival.

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